What is Urban Sports LA?

Urban Sports LA (USLA) is a LA-based social sports, activity, and wellness league created for young professionals in the Los Angeles metro area.

Based in Los Angeles, our mission is to build one of the strongest community of young, working professionals upon social sports and activities while giving back to the community.

The USLA Story

Year 1999

Sae, Jeff, and Jon became friends before their first junior high school dance. Sae was the only one to ever dance with a girl, so the three boys went to Sae’s house and got loaded on tic-tacs and Acqua Di Gio, while learning how to properly hold the curvature of a girl’s back. Jeff got confused and held the wrong curvatures. YA KNOW!

Year 1999 Prom
Year 2004

College took the boys in different directions. Sae went to Cornell while Jon and Jeff were roommates at UCI. Jeff and Jon enjoyed intramural sports and those sweet, lazy hours between classes, while Sae lived by the motto, “Study hard, play harder.”

Year 2004 Directions
Year 2008

Entering into the real world, the guys fell under the grind of the 9 to 5 and the same clubbing/bar scene playing Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop the Music”. Oh, the irony of that song was not lost on the three boys.

Year 2008 Work
Year 2012

They remembered how much they loved playing sports in college and drinking with friends after. Hence, USLA was born. They decided to create a league that they’d want to be in. One that adheres to level of professionalism and vision of bringing young adults together to have a good time during/after sports activities and contributing back to enrich our local community.

Sports, Fun, Philanthropy