Flag Football

Flag Football

Whether you are the casual player who has never touched the ole pigskin, a demi-god at NFL Blitz or deserve to be the first walk-on player for the LA Rams, USLA's Co-Ed Flag Football league is for you!

Note: USLA remains bi-partisan in our support of the UCLA Bruins and USC Trojans (although talk to us privately and you may hear something different!)

No team? No problem!

If you don't have a team, don't worry, you can sign up as a free agent, and we'll put you on a team with other free agents! (Most of our members are free agents!)


  • Flag Football



    Season Length & Game Time

    • Season begins February 11, 2018, and lasts 8 weeks. Playoffs tenatively on April 8, 2018.
    • No games scheduled for February 18, 2018 for President's Day.
    • Games are scheduled between 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM on Sundays
    • Stats and game recaps after every game! 

     General Rules and Format


    • Early Bird Pricing (12/10 - 1/15): $99.00
    • Regular Pricing (1/16 - 2/5): $109.00
    • Pricing is per player for the 8 week season (7 Weeks of regular season games + 1 Weekend of Playoffs). Sounds good? SIGN UP! 
    • All USLA members get discounts on Drinks AND Food, and priority for USLA activities/dinners/parties.

     What If I Don't Have My Own Team?

    • We encourage free agents to join, and actually, MOST players will join as free agents. Once you're registered, USLA will place you on a team. 
    • Click here for more info on how teams work (Joining as a Free Agent, Joining with 1-2 Friends, Setting up a Full Squad)

     USLA Facebook Promo - Even Further Discounts!



    • Want a discount? Want to play for free? Take advantage of the USLA Facebook discount by inviting NEW members. You and your first friend get $10 off! Recruit another NEW member and get another $10 off! The more you share, the more you save! Click HERE to take advantage of this discount.

    What Price Includes

    • 8 games per season including playoffs
    • All equipment (flags, footballs, etc)
    • Referees and staffing
    • Stats and game recaps for every game. Click me to view week 1's Summer recap. 
    • Discounted prices on drinks and food at bars
    • Private restaurant/bar area exclusive to USLA Members to enjoy drinking games with teammates and friends
    • USLA team shirt

    Field Locations

    Majority of the games will be held in West LA (Santa Monica/Venice/Culver City). We try our best to provide the best fields possible, but every once in awhile there will be unexpected changes that are out of our control.  

    Not sure?

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    Yup, hurry though, as spots go by fast. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!